Remix Name: Alchemy
Original Artist: Dr. Awkward
Remix By: Carly F., Siri M., Jennette M., Harmony L., Lindsay L., Morgan P.
Internal Notes: This song deals with the current way things are in the world; we as humans are more concerned about our TV shows and driving the newest cars, owning the newest phones; but turning a blind eye to the real problems at hand such as mental health, homelessness, etc. The second verse tells a slightly modified version of my experience of being a victim of rape from the point of view of a colleague wherein my mother and the rest of my family didnít really believe me but when I finally gathered the courage to stand up to what was wrong, I get criticized for the fact that now Iím more so nonverbal than I was before. In the second verse it kind of jumps around from when I was a kid and my parents divorcing to my two best friends living with me, While Krystal is confused as to how the whole concept of ďfamilyĒ applies since my mother and such claim to love me but knowingly put my in harmís way by leaving my rapist around me even after multiple of me trying to report it. Jennette learned from this and from her own experiences of abuse to never trust men, while I just wound up not really understanding how this all could have happened. In the end, I drink too many extra large drinks at some restaurant to deal with some other emotional and family problems and due to the weakened state Iím in due to the other problems I get taken advantage of and thus am the victim of a rape. Rather than getting the help I need and the support from my family, I get criticized for how I wind up communicating due to the trauma. Basically this song is about first-world problems with a touch of mental health and awareness of other issues along with what I think the world needs to do do to fix itself.

-Verse 1-
If simply I could say it and then see it done, I probably would've spoke it when I'd just begun. If life is just as awful as they say it is, How come everybody complains once their time has come? Every day I see it more and more, Children wondering, what is their existence for? Innocence to animosity, intensified by poverty; They're caught up in their fathers wars. Evil is something taught, it's not innate. They plant the seeds in youth and then the children grow to hate; harm others for the words some ancients scribbled on a slate and orphans of the war will never make it to twenty-eight. And us, we're taught to look the other way while children die after comments that some other child made. and that's just another day... we're more concerned with something that some celeb had to post, We trade comfort for the truth; cause it's just too damn unpleasant to investigate the root; Divided by imaginary lines, shut out the other side as if somehow they're maligned. We overlook the people in our streets And look down on the one's who ask for help when they're in need; autistic girl gets beat and nobody even blinks, but god forbid you change the schedule of our favorite sports teamís games. Me? I'm not a soldier for what it's worth, My only worth is in the order which I choose my words. Value the living over death. I'll speak for care until they take my breath

I just want to save a life. Just the way, I was saved. I have finally found my light, And this will be my alchemy

-Verse 2 (Harmony)-
A mother leaves a father while my friends just watch as he stumbles in the house after seven shots. Another bruise, that's another lesson taught; All the while my friends are desperate to see the fighting stop. Now Krystal is confused; exactly what's the familyís point? The ones you claim to love are the ones you let get hurt. Jennette she grows to know to never trust a man While Carly, she just never understands. Twenty-three and all alone, her best friends left the home. It's getting hard to cope, she thinks of letting go, Starts drinking X L sodas, hoping to escape. Has too many at a restaurant, a victim of a rape, And when she finally finds the courage to stand up to what's wrong; They have the nerve to criticize the iPads she types on. I will stand up to those that don't respect a holoís choice. I'll keep on speaking for those who don't have a voice


-Verse 3-
Why can't we all evolve and be something more, And leave the world better than it was before? It's been two thousand years, we're not so simple minded, Our suits are different, I'm more concerned with what lies behind it. Love everyone, Love "Love" itself, Learn to value human life over human wealth. You can't fight for peace, it just compounds the problems, Only accepting this will any of us start to solve um. We are one people, under one sky, One destiny, confined to such a short time. This is a renaissance, it's not a revolution, Let our generation catalyze an evolution. I am no crusader let me make it clear, And my words will likely fall upon a deafened ear; But I'll keep speaking up for what I feel is right in the hope someday that I can save a life