Greetings everyone:

while I love my family dearly, I cannot stand my sister Natalie. While I was hurt pretty badly when I was 14, my family believed me. My sister then claimed ahe was also hurt pretty badly but that was later proven to be false. While my family tried to support her up until it was proven false, they normally donít take too kindly to stunts like that.

Well, fast forward to now and my sister is a complete religious nut. Getting after me and my partner for loving who we love, for saying that we are going to burn in hell, for saying that my parents were loving and caring and supportive of everyone or also going to burn. Itís so funny because of the fact that My parents have a very interesting role and that is that you were allowed to believe or not believe what you want, youíre allowed to love or not love who you want, and in general youíre allowed to be your own individual self so long as you exercising your freedoms does not interfere with another persons ability to exercise their freedoms. Well, my sister is a nut job thatís all there is to it