Greetings Everyone:

So we've taken a moment to add some stock avatar images if you don't want to upload your own avatar. To access the Avatar library:
  1. sign on and go to your UserCP
  2. In the Left-Side navigation under the "My Profile" section, choose "Edit Avatar"
  3. Scroll the page down until you see "Predefined X-Collection Avatars"
  4. Look over the Avatars and click the paging buttons (if any)
  5. If none of them look good, click on the "Avatar Category" drop-down to see the other categories
  6. Choose the radio button under the Avatar image you want then select "Save Changes"

warning Using the above steps will result in your current avatar image (if any) being overwritten

note On this same screen you can either choose to upload your own avatar image from your device or get an avatar from a web address so you're not restricted to our predefined avatar selections

info we're always adding more avatars so check back every now and again

Thanks for being a part of our community